Anchor Go West! IPA

India Pale Ale

GoWestBottleThe California Gold Rush compelled thousands to Go West! "to see the elephant," a
metaphor for the doggedly optimistic risk-taking linked then and now with America's
intensified pursuit of happiness. As early as 1849, India Pale Ale—prepared by
British brewers for export to India by adding dry hops to barrels of hoppy ale—was
also going west, from England around the Horn to San Francisco. In 1975, Anchor—
America's first craft brewery—led the modern revival of dry-hopped handmade ales.
Fast-forward to Go West! IPA™, made with 2-row pale barley malt and dry-hopped
with a unique blend of 4 American hops. Its mouthwateringly complex aromas of
citrus, pine, and the tropics; spiky bitterness; gleaming golden color; and clean finish
unite to create this singular 24-karat IPA. Go West!, where the impossible is possible.

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