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Key Colony Inc. / Red Parrot Juices was started over 30 years ago and is now the leader in the gourmet bag-in-box juice industry. The company's founder, Jim Behrens, was instrumental in pioneering the first bag-in-box juice products on the market.

Red Parrot juices are produced and packaged in Lemont, Illinois. Most juices are made weekly to ensure freshness, quality, and maximum shelf life. We flash pasteurize all pure orange juice and tomato products. This simply means that we bring the products to a temperature of approximately 180 degrees F. for about 18 seconds. At this point, they are cooled and packaged immediately. The combination of this process and the use of preservatives safeguards our juice against the growth of bacteria within the BIB process.

We invite you to try Red Parrot Bag N Box Juices. This is quickly proving to be the most convenient, cost effective, and time saving method to dispense fresh juices and bar mixes. Once you try it, you'll never go back to cans or bottles.

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